University of Wisconsin-Madison

IceCube Terms and Acronyms

A3RI UW Antarctic Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Institute
AMANDA Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detector Array
AN-8 Fuel (Also JP-8)
ATWD Analog Transient Wave Digitizer
CAT Caterpillar
CDC Clothing Distribution Center
CDR Critical Design Review
CHC Christchurch, New Zealand
DAQ Data Acquisition
DCC Drill Control Center
DFL Dark Freezer Lab
DNF Do Not Freeze
DOM Digital Optical Module
DOME "Old" South Pole Station
DOMMB DOM Main Boards
DOR DOM Readout
EHWD Enhanced Hot Water Drill
ERD Engineering Requirements Document
E-Stop Emergency Stop
FAT Final Acceptance Test
FMEA Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
GRB Gamma Ray Burst
GUARD National Air Guard - Flies the planes
HA Hazard Analysis
HPP High Pressure Pump
ICD Interface Control Document
ICDS Ice Coring and Drilling Service
ICL IceCube Laboratory
IcePIC IceCube Project Information Center
IV&T Inspection, Verification, & Testing
JP-8 Fuel (Also AN-8)
KRC Kegonsa Research Center (Also PSL)
MAPO Martin Pomerantz Observatory
MCM McMurdo
MDS Mobile Drilling Structure
MDS Modular Deployment Structure
MDS UW Materials Distribution Services
MHP Main Heating Plant
NPT National Pipe Thread - Type of fitting
NPX South Pole Station
NSF National Science Foundation
OML Optical Module Lab
PAP Project Advisory Panel
PDM Power Distribution Module
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PEP Project Execution Plan
PHS Pre-Heater System
PMP Project Management Plan
PMT Photomultiplier Tube
PSL Physical Sciences Lab (Also KRC)
RPS Raytheon Polar Services Corporation
RPSC Raytheon Polar Services Corporation
RWS Rodriguez Well System
S/W Software
SCOARA Science Coordination Office for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
SDP Software Development Plan
SEMP System Engineering Management Plan
SES Season Equipment Site
SEW Seasonal Equipment Workshop
SSEC Space Science and Engineering Center - A UW center
SPAT South Pole Acceptance Test
STF Simple Test Framework
TeV Tera electron Volt
TOS Tower Operations Site
TOS Tower Operations Structure
TOW Tower Operations Workshop
USAP US Antarctica Program
VC Verification Coordinator
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WG Working Group
WT1 Water Tank 1
WT2 Water Tank 2