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Positions will remain posted beyond their respective consideration dates until an offer has been made and accepted.

Winter Over Positions

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    IceCube Collaboration Employment Opportunities


    • Université Libre de Bruxelles:
    • The Physics Department of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) is accepting applications for a full time academic position in experimental astroparticle physics, starting in October 2016. Apply by March 31, 2016.


      • Chiba University:
      • The Department of Particle Physics and International Center for Hadron Astrophysics has an opening for a postdoc position, apply at your earliest convenience.
    • University of Geneva:
    • The Department of Particle Physics has two openings for postdocs, apply at your earliest convenience.
    • University of California Berkeley/ Lawrence Berkeley National Lab:
    • The IceCube group has an immediate opening for a postdoc.
    • UW–Madison:
    • Applications for the Balzan Fellowship for outstanding postdoctoral fellows at the Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center are being accepted though April 15, 2016.
    • For inquires about other postdoc positions please contact: note: applicants should have a PhD awarded within 3 years (maximum allowable is 5 years)

    Graduate Students

    Undergraduate Students

    • UW–Madison:
    • Undergraduate students at UW-Madison can contact a faculty member for information about current openings.