TeV Particle Astrophysics

Working Group Schedule - Neutrino Astronomy

A copy of the Working Group schedule can be downloaded in XLS format (Approx Size: 72k) or PDF format (Approx Size: 16k)

WG 4 - Neutrino Astronomy
Tuesday 8/29 2:30 PM Room 2241
Presenters: D. Hooper/L. Koepke Organizers: D. Hooper/L. Koepke
14:30 Taja Kajino
National Astronomical Observatory, Japan
UHE Neutrinos and nucleosynthesis in collapsar as evidence for GRB central engines 15
14:50 Shahid Hussain
Bartol Research Institute
Event rates vs. cross-sections at neutrino telescopes 15
15:10 Matthew Kistler
Ohio State University
Guaranteed and prospective galactic TeV neutrino sources 15
15:30 Floyd Stecker
Are diffuse neutrinos from starburst galaxies observable? 15
15:50 Julia Becker
Dortmund University
AMANDA flux results and interpretation 15
16:10 Coffee Break
16:30 Elisa Resconi
Max Planck Institute
Neutrino transient point source search: Use of the multiwavelength approach 15
16:50 Nicolas Busca
University of Chicago
Neutrinos from UHE nuclei 15
17:10 Dave Besson
University of Kansas
UHE neutrinos 15
17:30 Doug Cowen
Penn State University
Tau neutrino detection in IceCube 10
17:45 Tyce de Young
Penn State University
Novel tau signatures in neutrino telescopes 15
18:05 Teresa Montaruli (for Giorgio Riccobene)
Results from NEMO and Km3Net 15
18:25 Mieke Bouwhuis
Results from ANTARES 15
18:45 Alexander Kappes
U of Erlangen/Nuremburg
Potential neutrino signals from galactic TeV gamma-ray sources 10
19:00 Session Ends